UUnivers®, trust by design.

UUnivers is a software and hardware package designed to ensure the security of communications and exchanges over the Internet.

We've designed UUnivers tools to provide individuals and small businesses with complete security, with no technical knowledge required. So everyone can exchange information over the Internet and at the same time completely protect their privacy, their family and their business, using simple software tailored to the needs of users with no technical knowledge. UUnivers uses only known and tested technologies, but only within the safety zone of each one.

Customize your UUnivers

Today, UUnivers or "Your Universe" is constantly being improved and extended by each of its members of honnour. You can adapt the UUnivers software to your personal or professional needs, by testing it and sending us your comments. By becoming an "Member of honnour", you'll receive all UUnivers and UUcrypto software updates free of charge, so you can adapt the new Internet to your present and future needs of security. There is no risk, because our company does not access any of your data.
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Secure exchange software
Connection box
International security box
Full encryption security

General conditions for UUnivers® project .


If you decide to invest in a truly secure Internet, UUnivers has been fulfilling this objective since its conception. You can purchase any of the following products :

  • UUcrypto, encryption that resists quantum computers and artificial intelligence .
  • Member of Honnour of UUnivers, communicate and exchange with your friends and colleagues in your own way .
  • Voting tokens, blockchain token, can be bought or sold and allows you to influence the company's decision on UUnivers .
  • Company shares, blockchain NFT, backed by the real and official Swiss company shares, REVENA SA .

Be part of the future of
Confidential Communication with Confidence or CCC.

Thank you for your interest in genuine Internet security !!!

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