UUnivers®, sovereignty & trust

UUnivers is the world's first ecosystem designed to guarantee sovereignty and trust in all Internet communications and exchanges.

We designed the UUnivers tools to offer individuals and small businesses complete data integrity and identity, without any technical knowledge. So everyone can exchange information on the Internet while fully protecting their privacy, their family and their business, using simple software tailored to their real needs.

Four words that define UUnivers

  • Sovereignty, you retain sovereignty over all the data you send, wherever it may be.
  • Integrity, your consent to data access is the only key, whether inside or outside the company.
  • Identity, authentication everywhere without a password means total confidence.
  • Trust, within the UUnivers network, everyone is safe from each other.

CCC is the new WEB

"Confidential Communication with Confidence" is the new trend on the Internet, UUnivers ecosystem enables everyone to communicate confidentially with their family, colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers, in complete confidence.

National policy

UUnivers adapts to all national data management policies, local GDPR.

The UUnivers architecture guarantees complete authentication, tracking and identification with complete discretion.
Without any kind of backdoor, the UUnivers architecture will also enable the country's judicial authorities to do their job normally.

Customize your own UUnivers

UUnivers or "Your Universe" is constantly being improved and extended by each of its members of honnour. You can adapt the UUnivers software to your personal or professional needs, by testing it and sending us your comments.

By becoming an "Member of honnour", you'll receive all UUnivers and UUcrypto software updates free of charge, so you can adapt the new Internet to your present and future needs of security. There is no risk, because our company does not access any of your data.

I want to become an Member of Honnour.

General conditions for UUnivers® project .

UUnivers® vs Web 2.0 vs Blockchain

Bruce Schneier, in his lectures and in his article "Why Internet Security Is So Bad", defines the various factors that can make Internet security so bad.

As this table shows, has been designed and built in such a way that every weak point on "Bruce Schneier's" list becomes a strength in terms of security and confidentiality for its users.

Total safety with    Web 2.0   Blockchain   UUnivers®
Data access         
Company trust         
Internet Service Provider         
All data policies         

Strategic advice with our UUR token

By design, the UUnivers ecosystem allows everyone to control their own 'data universe' and define their own rules without having to depend on a third party such as an IT department, a server, a cloud, miners or a specific company.

From 2024, holders of UUR tokens will be able to give strategic advice to the first company to launch this exciting project, REVENA SA, in Switzerland.

Voting tokens, blockchain tokens that can be bought or sold, allow you to influence the strategy of the UUnivers project .

"Thank you for your interest in genuine Internet security"

UUnivers project team and company REVENA.

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