REVENA sa, available assets.

1. REVENA's shares  

Swiss nominative shares of the company REVENA SA, located in Switzerland.
Swiss laws applies, these nominatives shares are Ravencoin restricted asset '$REVENA.AB', and enable to participate on company's votations and receive dividends. This asset cannot be traded, but managed according to our shareholders' agreement.

Current open investment rounds :

2. REVENA's participation bonds  

The REVENA token is not a share from the company REVENA SA. It is a "participation bonds" based on Swiss laws. It's a token on Ravencoin blockchain. It can be sell by any owners at any time.",

3. UUnivers internal coin, UUcoin  

UUcoin is a token for the internal needs of UUnivers network. Provided as a reward to people who improve the UUnivers project. There are no buyers or sellers for fresh UUcoins. Only human workers for UUnivers projects following the «Ikat Patch Work» decentralized organisation methodology and whose «IPW form» is duly completed and the project accepted by REVENA SA will receive FRESH UUcoins.

4. Our 4 products  

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