General conditions for UUnivers

Apply to all Members/Users of the UUnivers project, whether they are a person or a group of persons, whether they call themselves: district, town, canton, country, group of countries, philosophy, religion, institution, private or public interest association, foundation, cooperative, limited company or limited liability company, etc...

Article sections

1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Particularly: equality between men and women, slavery is clearly prohibited and the passport always stays with the person.
1_Déclaration Universelle des droits de l'homme.pdf

2. Convention on the Rights of the Child
Particularly: ban on child labour, family grouping possible only for children & formal ban on female circumcision.
2_Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant.pdf

3. The Three Rules Of Robotics
Particularly: choice to follow instructions or not, choice to change your mind or not & no statistics/algo/AI or assessments of human behaviour.
3_Les trois règles de la robotique.pdf

4. Integrity and honesty
Particularly: no false identity, no falsified or misleading legal filings & no association with a forger.
4_Intégrité et honnêteté.pdf

5. United Nations Declaration on the Environment
Particulary: no link with nuclear power & no polluter of clean water, either directly or as a supplier.
5_Déclaration des Nations Unies sur l'environnement.pdf

6. Ensuring the effects
Particulary: has never used an international court against the effects of a public vote.
6_Assurer les effets.pdf

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