UUnivers® crypto

UUnivers® is the world's first ecosystem that ensures complete data control and privacy in any type of internet communication and storage.


The "UUnivers® Crypto" or "UUcrypto" software is a key component of the UUnivers ecosystem. With its cutting-edge technology, it ensures that personal and professional data is unreadable to hackers. This helps to protect data exchanges not only within the UUnivers ecosystem but also between humans and objects on the Internet of Things (IoT). By providing 100% protection of these data exchanges, UUcrypto software contributes to the overall mission of the UUnivers project: to guarantee total data sovereignty for all.

The Power of our Technologies

UUcrypto is a Quantum safe cryptography solution
UUcrypto is Grover's search algorithm resistant !

Target market

Our cryptographic technology is based on entropy, resulting in extreme simplicity in operation and extreme power in outcomes. UUcrypto does not focus on encryption in the mathematical sense, but rather prioritizes its primary goal: ensuring that data exchanges are unreadable to third parties for those who use it.

  1. 1. Protecting data exchanges in IoT environments.
  2. 2. Ensuring sovereignty and trust between users of UUnivers software.
  3. 3. Securing data when sending files via email or messaging services like Outlook, Mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

No matter how powerful a computer or object connected to the internet is, its security is ensured by the design itself, and not solely relying on mathematical algorithms or multiple algorithms.


To ensure complete confidentiality of exchanged data, UUcrypto has been developed with a new cryptographic system called "entropic cryptography". This novel approach makes it impossible for data to be read in the future, even against attacks aimed at gaining access to unencrypted information secured with UUcrypto. Even with quantum computers that are more advanced than those available today or artificial intelligence that is more powerful than what is currently available, such attacks are simply not possible.

UUnivers crypto, with its unique entropic cryptography system, is compatible with various computer systems ranging from IoT devices (connected objects with low computing power) to smartphones (including iPhones), tablets (both Android and iPad), laptops, and desktops. Its straightforward design ensures 100% resistance to quantum computers while providing exceptional data security that significantly surpasses the speed of any existing encryption system (40 Mb/second on a standard market computer).

UUcrypto is the only system that secures information based on the content itself, without relying on traditional encryption blocks like 128-bit, 256-bit, or higher. Instead, the encryption block is equivalent to the size of the file itself. For a 10 Mbyte file, this results in an 80,000,000-bit "cryptography" block, which is significantly larger than the currently recommended 256-bit block. Even future quantum computers with 100,000 qubits won't be able to crack it. The only viable attack would be a brute-force password attack.

As will be explained in the following generations, UUcrypto represents a cutting-edge security system:

With Generation 3, UUcrypto, the resulting protected file no longer resembles an encrypted file but rather a series of random numbers. There is no discernible structure or logic without the original password. Each encryption produces a different output for the same file, and even individual characters within the file are treated differently during each encryption process. The simplicity of this non-mathematical approach ensures that the information or file has been secured using UUcrypto.


List of UUcrypto versions and their expected availability:

As you can see, 'UUnivers cryptography by entropy' is a powerful and simple technology that can be implemented on any type of hardware. It is extremely reliable due to its design and promises to remain so in the future.