UUnivers® Crypto

Contest with a cash prize of CHF 5000.-


The aim of the UUnivers® project is to provide a set of tools enabling secure communication between human beings, without the need or participation of intermediaries such as servers, clouds, blockchains and so on. This "UUnivers Crypto" or "UUcrypto" software is one of the tools in the UUnivers project. Thanks to its new technologies, it is very special, making personal and business data unreadable to hackers. As part of the UUnivers® project, UUcrypto software guarantees 100% protection of data exchanges between human beings, as well as between objects on the Internet of connected objects (IoT).

Target market

Our cryptographic technology is based on "entropy". The result of our research is extreme simplicity in operation and extreme power in results. UUcrypto doesn't seek encryption in the mathematical sense of the term, but 100% realizes its main aim: "to make data exchanges unreadable to third parties", to those who use it:

No matter how powerful the computer or object connected to the Internet, security is guaranteed by the design itself, and not just by a mathematical algorithm or several algorithms.


To guarantee complete discretion of the data exchanged, UUcrypto has been developed with a new cryptographic system, called "entropic cryptography". This new approach prevents data from being read even in the future. Attacks to gain access to unencrypted information, against data that has been secured with UUcrypto. Even with quantum computers even more advanced than those available today, or artificial intelligence even more powerful than that available today, are simply not possible.

UUnivers crypto and its unique "entropic cryptography" system is suitable for all computer systems, from IoT (i.e. connected objects with low computing power) to cell phones (Smartphones and iPhones), tablets (Android & iPad), laptops and desktops. Its simplicity guarantees 100% resistance to quantum computers, with an exceptional "data security" speed far superior to any existing encryption system (40 Mb / second on a standard market computer).

UUcrypto is the only system that secures information according to the content of the information itself. There are no 128-bit, 256-bit or higher "encryption" blocks with UUcrypto. The encryption block is the size of the file itself. For a 10 Mbyte file, the secure block becomes an 80,000,000-bit "cryptography" block, i.e. much larger than the 256-bit block currently recommended. Even future 100,000-qubit computers won't be able to find anything - only a "brute-force password attack" will be able to read the information.

As defined by the generations below, UUcrypto is a state-of-the-art security system:

With generation 3, UUcrypto, the result is that the file thus protected from outside view no longer looks like an encrypted file, but like a series of random numbers. No structure or logic can be found without the original password. Each encryption produces a different file from other encryptions of the same file, but also each character in the file undergoes different treatment from that of other characters in the file at each encryption. The result of this non-mathematical simplicity is that the information or file has been secured using the UUcrypto tool.


List of UUcrypto versions and their expected availability:

As you can see "UUnivers cryptography by entropy" is a powerful and simple technology to implement on any type of hardware and extremely reliable from its conception and really reliable for the future.


REVENA SA organises a competition for anyone who wishes to take part and who complies with our General Competition Conditions. THE french version of the General Competition Conditions, is the legal reference.

The competition will open on 20 September 2023, and will close automatically once a correct answer to the aim of the competition has been obtained.


Find a model or structure defining a file encrypted by the UUcrypto software. The model and scheme must be reproducible on more than 99% of the files encrypted by the UUcrypto software. This means that the template must be able to identify files encrypted with UUcrypto software, more than 99% of time.

The last 6 characters of the file "ubf000" or other "ubfxxx", must be ignored in the response.

Rules and Limits

Every conceivable technology is possible, quantum computers, artificial intelligence and every possible algorithm is acceptable.

Reliability tests will be carried out on files of different sizes and with different passwords.

The last 6 characters of the file "ubf000" or other "ubfxxx", must be ignored in the response.


CHF 5,000.-,
this amount will increase over time and will always be indicated on this page.