Revena's documentation for UUnivers

Public documentation and forms, available to members and future members.

Organisation of work
REVENA, uses a work organisation adapted to the UUnivers eco-system. Strongly inspired by the Gore-Tex latticework, our company has chosen to modernise its work organisation in order to make the best possible use of Web 3.0 blockchain technologies and our universal UUnivers software. We've called this new way of organising teamwork 'Ikat Patch Work', which is explained in this documentation.
Download file RevenaDocs_0.3.pdf

Ikat Patch Work form
Form made available to UUnivers members/users to create a project, a patch, that improves the UUnivers eco-system. This form from the "Ikat Patch Work" organisation must be accepted by the REVENA hashboard for the work to be paid for.
Download form IkatPatchWork_Start.pdf

UUnivers wallet backup
Form for manually saving the 12 keywords, the secret phrase of the wallet, in the UUnivers application.
Download form RavenWords.pdf