FAQ UUnivers

Is UUnivers the company's name ?

UUnivers is the name of the project of human Internet for the humansc created by company REVENA SA in Switzeland.

What is the history of REVENA SA ?

In 2001 company REVENA Sàrl was created by a programmer, after leaving Logitech. In 2016, with a big investment of our last client, was created the joint stock company REVENA SA.

Its objective is to create and develop computer technologies, including 4 tools that allow everyone to manage and control their digital data universe.

Read history of the project.

What is this UUnivers project ?

UUnivers is the human Internet for humans whose main objective is to create a more sober and totally secure Internet of the future, accessible to the greatest number.

Whatever the users (individuals, private or public companies, NGOs, associations), UUnivers guarantees the privacy of these users without any centralized server, and therefore without algorithms. Security is ensured from end to end without intermediaries. It allows you to create your own private communication network adapted to your personal needs.

What is the philosophical objective of UUnivers ?

The objective has a humanitarian and social dimension. The greater the volume of UUnivers exchanges, the more educational books, novels and teaching aids we provide to children in disadvantaged countries. To this end, we have created the Schainde association, which finances educational projects by taking 1 (one) cent from each financial transaction made on our communication highway.

What are the various UUnivers products ?

Several products result from our communication technologies :

Is this a new Cloud ?

No, it is a digital data exchange system with infinite possibilities, always without a server.

The cloud is a remote cloud, and we have organized things in such a way that users never lose their data, even in turbulent times.

Is there a similarity in the world ?

To date, no similar system has been developed in the world. It is like an information superhighway, where each member, each company, each group can add the section that suits them for their private or professional needs.

What about security ?

The very structure of the UUnivers tools physically prevents an attack on the data possessed by the member(s). In order to attack this new information superhighway, it would be necessary to take control of all the roads and vehicles that travel on them.

Where is the data ?

Having no centralized infrastructure, UUnivers and the company REVENA SA do not store any data. Each member organizes its own data storage in a simple way, with UUaccess preventing the data from being sent to unknown destinations.

Is tracing possible?

Thanks to UUconnect, there is no tracking (cookies or other) of members or their activities.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This new EU regulation came into force in May 2018. It is intended to strengthen the right of its citizens in protecting their personal data. On the other hand, it requires companies to obtain valid consent from users of their websites regarding the processing of their personal data. In this context, REVENA SA is a precursor.

UUnivers and these 4 tools go far beyond this regulation. With no consent required from third parties, UUnivers gives everyone complete control over their data.

Link EU/CU : Principles of the GDPR.

Is UUnivers a new social network ?

In a way, it is a toolbox that allows communication between local mini-social networks created by its users, each adding a piece of the puzzle to the network.

Why horizontal governance ?

REVENA SA has chosen the holacracy, a horizontal structure that allows to operate without directors or department heads and to increase the creativity of each digital universe.

Members choose to work on projects based on their professional skills and personal experiences. For each project, a facilitator is appointed by the participants of the project they have chosen..

Why this horizontal organization with our technology ?

This organization offers the flexibility to allow everyone, in each country according to local laws, to build a piece of this digital communication highway in the respect of its customs and culture. We can imagine a puzzle where the pieces are progressively assembled until the infinite is possible.

What are the savings ?